Lecture 04 Rhythmi - Jazz, Pop and Classical

【这一课估计要刷好几遍……I’ll be back】

  • Introduction to Multiple Partials

    一段热身,回顾 duple 和 triple。


    So when we hear any particular sound, again, we’re hearing an amalgam of many sounds, and the importance of each of these partials in the aggregate of sound is what gives it its particular color. 【不懂】

  • Syncopation and Triplets


    What’s tempo in music?

    It’s the pace or speed of the beat.

    节拍渐进增强:accelerando 【 fancy Italian term】


    What is Syncopation?

    It is simply the insertion of an impulse, a “hit” if you will, at a metrical place that we do not expect it to be.

    Scott Joplin 是在作品中运用 syncopation 的高手。【虽然还是听不出来syncopation到底在哪……】

    practice:The Entertainer 【不得不说,前奏简直要跪!】

    What is Triplets?

    a triplet is simply insertion of three notes in the place of two, not more complicated than that.

  • Basics of Musical Texture


    what is Texture?

    Texture in music is the dispositions of the musical lines.

    three fundamental textures:

    • monophonic texture

    • homophonic texture

      it all lines up pretty much together; all the parts are changing together.

    • polyphonic texture

      a lot of lines going their own way.

      Two types:

      • imitative polyphonic texture 【imitative:仿效的,模仿的】

      • free counterpoint

        这里教授提到了巴赫喜欢的对位counterpoint,播放了一段 Louis Armstrong 的作品,来说明free counterpoint。

        随后播放了一段Johnny Dodds的作品。

    Practice: rhythmic dictation 【听写节奏】


    练习的曲子来自:Great Gate of Kiev from Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Mozart’s Requiem: Insights on Varying Textures and Pitches

    最后的压轴:the “Lacrimosa” out of the “Dies irae” out of the Requiem Mass of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart written in Vienna seventeen 1791

    Mozart’s Requiem: Mozart 安魂曲,1791,Mozart 因病离世,安魂曲尚未完成,由其学生补全。

    mass【弥撒曲】 同 symphony 【交响乐】,concerto【协奏曲】一样,也是音乐体裁的一种。

    the rhythm picture:

    the rhythm associates with the damned:

    The bass rhythm is moving very quickly, it is also going up. It keeps rising up. This builds tension.

    Pretty skippy music / Very dissonant music / Minor

    the rhythm associates with the prayer:

    It’s consonant, it’s in major, it’s high and, most important, the rhythm is very uncomplicated. The notes are long and slow.


    Now the basses.

    Now the quiet prayer.

    Change to major.

    Now the modulation — change of key from major to — back to minor as the cortege will start up again。[modulation]

    A nice clarinet sound there and here comes our cortege with the bass. [单簧管响起,低音部分送葬乐队]

    Now just a final close, a cadence.

    最后教授来了句,Dancing to heaven. 哈哈。