Lecture 12 Guest Conductor - Saybrook Orchestra

这节课请来了Saybrook Orchestra的首席指挥家 Bradley Naylor, the principal violist Katie Dryden 和 the principal flutist Elana Kagan。

整节课是为了周六晚上的一场Saybrook Orchestra的音乐会做准备。


  • Introduction


    You do the following:

    • How well did the performance go?
    • How did the players do?

    You don’t do the following:

    • who the composer is.
    • when the piece was written.
    • the history of the piece, the historical context.
    • the meaning of the piece.
  • Writing a Concert Review

    Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony:

    sort of an introduction, then an introduction to the birds of the forest in the second movement, a peasant romp in the third movement, a storm gathers in the fourth movement. That — we have an extra movement in this particular symphony because we’ve got Beethoven writing a bit of pictorial music here in the form of a fourth movement that’s a storm — and then a hymn of thanksgiving that plays out in, basically, a rondo-variation form there at the end.





    教授的建议是:the sooner you write your review after a performance the better.

  • Rehearsing and Leading an Orchestra

    Bradley Naylor 和教授的互动。

    Bradley Naylor 自小加入合唱团choirs,现在是一名conductor,很早开始学钢琴。

    这段教授和Bradley Naylor的一问一答还挺有意思的。有一段提到了Helmuth Rilling,德国指挥家,指挥三小时,不看曲谱,牛!

    Last year Helmuth Rilling, who is a famous German conductor, came and worked with some of the ensembles and did Mendelssohn’s Elijah, which is a huge romantic oratorio about two and a half hours long. The dress rehearsal — He came to the dress rehearsal, put his score down on the music stand, conducted for three hours, never opened it, and we were like, “Wow, this guy knows the score.”


  • Viola Excerpts from the Concert Program

    一场小型的音乐会,演奏 The Marriage of Figaro。

  • Balancing Solos in the Performance and Conclusion

    the principal flutist Elana Kagan 表演了一段solo,Beethoven Pastoral Symphony second movement.【贝多芬田园交响乐第二乐章】

    one more question from professor Wright:

    Where should we sit?【去音乐会,我们坐哪里好呢?哈哈】

    Well, my favorite place to sit in concerts is somewhere where I can see that interaction between the different, I guess, gears in the machine, as you put it. So I would sit somewhere not directly behind the conductor, so somewhere where you can see the players ‘cause they’re the ones actually making the music. — Bradley Naylor