Lecture 11 Form - Rondo, Sonata-Allegro and Theme and Variations

这节课主要的内容依然是曲式,回旋曲式, 主题和变奏。

先来了解下Johannes Brahms:




3B之一。另外两个:Bach, Beethoven

He’s a very serious composer. He takes everything very seriously.

  • Introduction to the Concert Program

    concert 音乐会:Saturday 8:00 p.m at Battell Chapel

    教授讲了下有关音乐会的事情,顺带布置了下作业 write a review for the concert。

    concert 的三个作品名单:

    • Mozart‘s The Marriage of Figaro
    • Johannes Brahms’s variations on a theme by Joseph Haydn
    • Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony
  • Analysis of Theme and Variations as a Form in Brahms’s Composition

    练习的曲目:variations on a theme by Joseph Haydn

    曲子遵循的曲式结构:A B C B, or Antecedent, Consequent, Extension, Consequent

    pedal point:

    This is a device that derives from organ technique where an organist would just put his foot or her foot on a particular key and just hold it for a long time.



    when you’re rolling in one of these and you suddenly shift to the other, back and forth.

    variation one: solo部分的乐器是双簧管 oboe

    variation five: so much syncopation. very fast

    variation seven:结构 A C A

    last variation: 【一如既往的懵逼】

    He’s got a theme and then he’s got what we call an ostinato in music.

    here he’s making this more complicated rhythmically by not only using hemiola and syncopation, but also threes against twos simultaneously. He’s throwing in some triplets in the melody up above.


    if you don’t give the audience a coda, they’re expecting the next variation to begin. So you got to throw in that coda so that everybody knows, hey, that really was the end — no fooling.

  • Introduction to the Rondo

    回旋曲式:one big theme coming back again and again and again.

    练习: Jean-Joseph Mouret‘s Rondeau Suite De Symphonies No. 1 in D


  • Rondo in Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto and Mozart’s Horn Concerto

    • Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto


    • Mozart’s Horn Concerto

      Notice: each time the French horn plays the theme; then the orchestra repeats it。

  • Rondo Form in Sting’s Music and Conclusion

    展示了教授自己拍的一张照片,In France at the Chateau de Chambord,建筑风格类似回旋曲 A, B, A, C, A, B, A form。

    练习: The Police’s Every Breath You Take, 从wiki上摘录下The Police 乐队的介绍:

    1977年在英国伦敦成立的三人摇滚乐队,由主唱史汀Sting、鼓手科普兰和吉他手萨默斯组成,曾六次获格莱美奖。最热门的两首作品:《every breath you take》,《wrapped around your finger》